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Villager Knight Addon

Villager Knight Addon

Did you feel helpless when your village get raid by illagers? 

Did you feel alone when your explore outside world?

Train villager to a true KNIGHT ! Order him to protect village. Or follow you to begain a new  adventure!


Made by  ©qiyunjian Twitter

Before You Play 用前须知

[English:]  WARNING: This addon edited vanilla entity villagers behaviour by adding an new interaction with most villagers. I didn’t delete anything of villager’s behaviour. However, it still might conflict with some villager-function-involved Addon. Or it might cover villager’s new feature in future game update . Therefore, it is suggested that setting a higher priority above other villager-function-involved addon at the first time installation.▼

[Chinese:] 警告:本Addon编辑了原生村民的行为,仅新增了一项与大多数村民有关的交互,除此之外,并未删减修改原有的行为。但这仍可能与您已经安装过的 涉及修改村民行为的 addon 相冲突,亦或者覆盖掉未来可能版本更新中对村民增加的新特性。因此初次安装时建议将该addon的行为包优先级提高至其他村民addon之上。▼

Mob Introduction 生物简介

  • [English:] Villager Knight is an utility mob that defends villages.
  • [Chinese:] 村民骑士是一个能够保护村庄功能性生物。
  • [English:] With 100 (❤× 50) life and 9 (❤×4.5) attack, villager knight wear iron set armor(15◈Armor). He will be a powerfull warrior on the ground.▼
  • [Chinese:] 村民骑士身着铁套装,拥有15点护甲,100点生命值(❤× 50),以及9点攻击力 (❤×4.5)。他将是陆地上一名强大的战士。▼
  • [English:] Knight villager has 3 random animations of attack: Chop, Stab, Heavy Chop.▼
  • [Chinese:] 村民骑士有3种随机的攻击动画:砍,刺,重砍▼
  • [English:] Knight villager will automaticlly attack all monsters except phantom in 64 range.▼
  • [Chinese:] 村民骑士会主动攻击64格内除幻翼外的所有怪兽生物。▼
  • [English:] Knight villager can be trained from villager, And he 
  • can be tamed as a mercenary. After he fall down, he will be temporary invulnerable,he can be resurrected
  •  by player in 90 seconds with Totem of Undying, Or he will disappear forever.▼
  • [Chinese:] 村民骑士可由村民训练而来,并且可以被招募作为雇佣兵,当骑士倒下后,他将暂时无敌,玩家可以在90秒内使用不死图腾将他复活,否则90秒后他将会永远消失
  • [English:] Knight villagers can randomly graze for healing themself, They can choose 6 knids of block to eat. They will get healed for 6 health (❤× 3) every time they finish eatting.▼
  • [Chinese:] 村民骑士会随机触发吃草来恢复生命,他们有6种方块的选择来食用,并会在完成进食后恢复6点生命值 (❤× 3)。▼

Attention: Mob Griefing has to be tuned on to achieve block breaking,▲


How to Spawn or Train 如何生成及训练

  • [English:] In Creative Mode, You can simply find the spawn egg at the bottom of Nature catalog.
  • [Chinese:] 在创造模式中,您可以在自然一栏的底部直接找到生物蛋。
  • [English:] In Survive Mode, You can interact with a normal villager(EXCEPT for Nitwit) to train as a knight.▼
  • [Chinese:] 在生存模式中,您可以与正常村民互动(傻子村民除外)来训练他成为一名骑士。▼
  • [English:] Before you interact with villagers,you need give them any strength effect by strength splash potion, It will be more efficient and economical if you effect more villagers with once potion use. Then you need to SNEAK and hold the Netherite Sword to interact with villager. (Attention: This will consume your sword !)He will take that sword and transform to a knight in 4 seconds.▼
  • [Chinese:] 在你与村民交互前,你需要通过力量喷溅药水给予他们任意一种力量状态。如果仅使用一瓶药水喷溅多个目标就可以更加高效节约。接下来你需要在潜行状态下手握下界合金剑与村民交互(注意:这会消耗掉你的剑)。他会接收你的剑并在4秒内转换成为骑士。▼

Mercenary System 佣兵系统

  • [English:] After an knight is trained successfully, you can hire him as a Mercenary just like wolf taming.▼
  • [Chinese:] 当成功训练他成为骑士后,你可以像驯服狼一样雇佣他成为佣兵。▼

Consume a Block of Emerald to tame knight as your Mercenary ▲


  • [English:] Once a knight become a Mercenary. He will attack his owner’s target. And he will always follow you and keep 11-6 blocks with you. AI:”Follow Owner” has a really high priority, You can lead your Mercenaries go forward or escape away whenever you want.
  • [Chinese:] 一旦骑士成为你的佣兵,他就会跟随攻击你的目标。并且他将永远跟随着你并始终与你保持11-6 格的距离。“跟随主人”的属性有很高的优先级。你可以带领着你的佣兵们随时进攻或是从战场撤退
  • [English:] If you don’t want your Mercenary to follow, you can interact with him to give the order of restting, interact again to restore the following state. In the restting state, Villager Knight will fall asleep and slowly get healed (0.5×❤/1 seconduntil he is woke by player.(Attention: Knight will never attack anyone during the restting state)▼
  • [Chinese:] 如果你不希望你的佣兵跟随你,你可以与他交互令他原地休息,再次交互就可以恢复跟随状态。在休息状态中,骑士会睡着并缓慢恢复生命 (0.5×❤/1 秒) 直到被玩家唤醒。(注意:骑士在休息状态中无法发起任何攻击)▼
  • [English:] Upgrade Mercenary’s weapon by 2 methods: Enchant their weapon by ¹Flint and Steel or ²dragon breath 
  • [Chinese:] 2种升级佣兵武器的方法:用¹打火石附魔他们的武器, 或用²龙息附魔。▼

Use Flint and Steel enchant one by one, Or Consume dragon breath enchant them all .▲


Hostility System 仇恨系统

  • [English:] Knight Villager will not automatically attack players and mercenaries unless player or mercenaries start attacking village unit like villager or Villager Knight . Once player trigger a battle with village unit, ALL Villager Knights except your mercenaries will regard players and mercenaries as hostile mobs and start attacking.▼
  • [Chinese:] 村民骑士不会主动攻击玩家和佣兵,除非玩家或佣兵率先攻击村庄单位。一旦玩家挑起和村庄单位的战争,所有除佣兵外的村民骑士都会视玩家和佣兵为敌人并发动攻击。▼


Health & Damage Indicator 血量及受伤显示插件

  • [English:] The locator part of Damage Indicator Addon by Coptaine has been pluged-in Villager Knight addon, you can turn on this function by download and install the addon ☝ above.▼
  • [Chinese:] 村民骑士Addon已将生命血条及伤害显示addon☚(作者:Coptaine☚) 中的关键定位器插入,你只需要下载并安装该作者的Addon,即可打开该功能。▼

How Is It Installed?

  1. Download the file from the bottom. After you have downloaded files, tap on each one and it will automatically take you to your Minecraft, it will import the file into your game.
  2. Then go to the world where you are going to use the downloaded addon: Edit the world> resource packs> (Activate the resource pack) and finally: Edit the world> behavior packs> (Activate the behavior pack)

Download Addon

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Wtf bro! This add-on is amazing, finally someone interest in this, I really love animations. Good Work bro 🙂