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OBEPR v: 1.0 – 8192×8192 Support

OBEPR V: 1.0 – 8192×8192 Support OBEPR or Open Bedrock Edition Photo Realism is a texture with an official support of textures 128×128, 256×256, 512×512,


Esmerald Tools

Esmerald Tools Have you ever wanted emerald gear in your Minecraft world? Or another use for your countless emeralds? If so, this add-on is perfect

One Heart Addon

One Heart Addon Any time you like play a very difficult mode on Minecraft? Sure because this addon is for you! When you download addon

Invisible Item Frames

Invisible Item Frames This is a texture pack that allows us to simulate items in 3D, what this texture pack does is remove the texture

Free Hand Torch

Free Hand Torch DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE At last we can have the functionality of lighting with the left hand in Minecraft

Block Armor

Block Armor This is the first and the best armor addon for Minecraft Bedrock, we take advantage of the new code creation possibilities to be

Titan Mutant Creatures

Titan Mutant Creatures How Does It Work? Maybe at some point he wanted to be very destructive in his world, this is the best addon

Spartan Armors

Spartan Armors Addon Knockback resistance : 0.750 This addon adds different types of armors to the game, you can find netherite Spartan armor , Diamond


Have you ever gotten bored of boring texture packs that only change items from the pvp or the ones that return everything because this is

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