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Chococraft Bedrock

Chococraft Bedrock This mod adds a rideable creature called a Chocobo to the game, this includes different colors, stats, and attributes. The most basic type

Reinforced Tools V(1.0.0)

Reinforced Tools V(1.0.0) This addon allows you to get powerful tools and armor by combining certain minerals and reinforcing the iron vanilla equipment with them.

Apples Plus+ Addon

Apples Plus+ Addon This small addon will add a new crop plant: Apples! Fully grown and growing apples can be found under Oak trees in

Enhanced Survival

Enhanced survival This addon adds 3 functions to our game. Spawn Maker You can get it with the next recipe, or exchange it with a

Handcuffs Players V2

Handcuffs Players V2 Have you ever wanted to role-play with your friends and take them to prison, because now you can role-play belonging to justice

ManaWands Addon

ManaWands Addon This addon is about magic wands that give you different abilities depending on the amount of mana you have, you can get the

Pirate Adventures Addon

Pirate Adventures Addon Ahoy guys!, I’m here to introduce Pirate Adventures, an addon with the theme of the 7 Seasin which you can find 5

Project Ateneu

Project Ateneu A wide variety of things to explore, armor to wear and enemies to defeat Weapons with awesome looks Armor of all kinds that

Reforza Craft

REFORZA CRAFT Hi, I’m Serpik, for the first time I published an addon here haha ​​the addon is called reinforcement craft. What is this addon