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Free Hand Torch 1.18 (Invisible Update)

Free Hand Torch V.2.0 DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE At last we can have the functionality of lighting with the left hand in Minecraft Bedrock for this we

FC’s Chain Mining

FC’s Chain Mining This is a useful Script Addon.It mimics the Java version of Chain Mining and is a very useful gadget.You can use it to dig up minerals or

Waypoints Addon

Waypoints Addon Are you tired to get coords ever? Finally we can set Waypoints in Minecraft Bedrock with this addon. To set a Wayponit you need to be in the

Emotes Addon

Emotes Addon If any time you wanted to have emotes in your world this is the best addon for you! To use please enable “gametest” in experimental options of your

Sorting Wand (Chest Sorter)

Sorting Wand (Chest Sorter) (For 1.18) Are your chests messy and never bothered to organize them because it is too much of a task? Are you looking for an easy

Offhand Slots!

Offhand Slots! Have you ever wanted Offhand Slots like Java Edition, “The Offhand slot next to your hotbar” If so this is the pack for you!! Similar to java the

StoneTombs Addon V5

StoneTombs Addon V5 Hello people, I am SystemTv and today I bring you the update of the StoneTombs addon now in its version 4, it fixes important bugs of the

Temperatures Addon

Temperatures Addon Welcome! This addon allows you make your Minecraft more realistic! How the name says, this ddon allows you to give a temperature indicator in function where you are,