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Player Inventory Sorter

Player Inventory Sorter Just gone back from your exploration and you want to sort your inventory? or during exploration you have many duplicate item that

Emoji Chat Addon

Emoji Chat Addon [WIP] Emoji Chat is an addon that lets you express the way you feel through emojis. With over 40 emoticons at your


Cursedcraft  This Texture Pack does not include so much but it includes somewhat improved and funny things, this texture pack was designed on October 16,

GeoActivity Addon

GeoActivity Addon This addon adds a bit of all mineral armor, tools and many crafting a very complete addon for survival I should clarify that

Hidden Elevators

Hidden Elevators This addon is inspired by the elevator mod from the java edition. This addon adds a single elevator to your world and items

Item Null

Item Null If you are looking for a way to filter out blocks/items like cobblestone or gravel while mining this addon is just for you!

Hammer Time Addon (Shovel Added)

Hammer Time Addon If any time you want an addon that have the same things of “Hammer time” Mod on JAVA, this addon is for

StoneTombs Addon V4

StoneTombs Addon V4 Hello people, I am SystemTv and today I bring you the update of the StoneTombs addon now in its version 4, it

Weapon Pedestal

Weapon Pedestal This addon was built to help people show their best weapons and tools to the friends. These Pedestals should be used as decorative