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Have you ever gotten bored of boring texture packs that only change items from the pvp or the ones that return everything because this is

Amplified Biomes

Amplified Biomes In this Minecraft Addon, Amplified Biomes frequently generate in the world.  Epic floating Islands and strange outcrops will immediately draw your attention as

Loled’s Texture – Alpha version 1.0

Loled’s Texture – Alpha version 1.0 Loled’s Texture is a realistic texture for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.221 Official and for beta versions This is still

Pick Up & Carry

Pick Up & Carry Ever wanted to pick up a mob or player and move it to another location? With this add-on you can do

Better NPC Addon

Better NPC Addon Introducing Better NPC Add-on ! A new feature to play Minecraft NPC. Hello! Minecraft friends, this Add-on is very useful for completing

More Mob Totems!!

More Mob Totems!! More Mob Totems is an addon which adds more totems variants. With those totems, you can cheat any death, and also, get

Java Combat Addon By Raiyon (Update)

Java Combat Have you ever wanted to bring your Bedrock experience closer to Java? Well, this is the right addon for you, currently being the