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Pirate Pillages

Pirate Pillages

Welcome To Pirate Pillages, the hostile illager towards too villager, Iron golem, and players… they will raid village when spawned instantly, they also have 6 variant, they are not only ranged attack, they have melee attack, 3 of them is ranged attack, 3 of them is melee attack… 

This Addon Added 6 new pillager mob.. 4 pirate Illagers, and 2 pirate illager captain. 

They are very hostile too player and villagers, also too Iron golem and snow golem… 

When you spawned they are very far away from village, they will can auto raid, also they can go too Village for kill all villager and Iron golem.

When you play with this addon addon, you cant see this mob at survival or in your world, because they cant spawn naturally. Sorry 🙁

How Is It Installed?

  1. Download the file from the bottom. After you have downloaded files, tap on each one and it will automatically take you to your Minecraft, it will import the file into your game.
  2. Then go to the world where you are going to use the downloaded addon: Edit the world> resource packs> (Activate the resource pack) and finally: Edit the world> behavior packs> (Activate the behavior pack)

Requires Experiments

Compatible Versions

  • 1.16.100 or higher
  • 1.16 BETA
  • Doesn´t works on another version

Download Addon

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