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Free Hand Torch 1.18 (Invisible Update)

Free Hand Torch V.2.0 DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE At last we can have the functionality of lighting with the left hand in Minecraft Bedrock for this we

Villager Knight Addon

Villager Knight Addon Did you feel helpless when your village get raid by illagers?  Did you feel alone when your explore outside world? Train villager to a true KNIGHT ! Order him to protect village. Or follow you to begain

Donkey and Llama Inventory Upgrade

Donkey And Llama Inventory Upgrade Do you want to upgrade your Donkey or Llama so you can carry more items while exploring? This addon is just for you! With the

Security Bedrock

Security Bedrock Incredible security addon for your minecraft pocket edition, protect your home and precious items with the objects that this addon adds. NOTICE: This addon is still in development,

Levels Storage

Levels Storage Do you always want a way to store your levels for use later? Always dying and you want to save your levels? This addon just adds that! with

Chococraft 3 v3

Chococraft 3 V3 This plugin is a recreation of the famous Java Chococraft 3 mod that adds chocobos to our Minecraft. These chocobos appear all over the world and feed

Travelers BackPack

Travelers BackPack With this add-on installed we have the ability to create up to 20 backpacks, each with a unique design and different crafting. These Backpacks have the ability to

Portal Gun Add-on

Portal Gun Add-on (Major Update, Added Scripts) Want to experience the portal gun of java but in bedrock? with this add-on you can now experience the portal gun and you

Alaniz’s Gems v1

Alaniz’s Gems V1 This is an addon that adds 4 new minerals each with its respective item with these minerals weapons and armor can be made each miner has a