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FPS Counter

FPS Counter Have you ever wanted to see your FPS? if so this pack is for you! with the ability to see your fps all the time without other programs

Speedometer (Behavior Pack)

Speedometer (Behavior Pack) A speedometer measures and displays the instantaneous speed of a vehicle in real life. This add-on adds speedometer and tracks the speed of every player in Minecraft.

Paraglider Plus [v1.0]

Paraglider Plus [v1.0] This addon is perfect for exploration at high altitudes. Why? Well sometimes we are a little careless and fall from great heights and we are not prepared.

OBEPR v: 1.0 – 8192×8192 Support

OBEPR V: 1.0 – 8192×8192 Support OBEPR or Open Bedrock Edition Photo Realism is a texture with an official support of textures 128×128, 256×256, 512×512, 1024×1024, 2046×2046, 4092×4092 and 8192×8192

New Villager Animations

New Villager Animations New villager animations This texture pack improves the animations of the villagers giving a more realistic and complete effect than the original mojang animations given by default

Better VanillaCraft

Better VanillaCraft This texture is perfect to maintain the essence of your Minecraft Bedrock, without any need to change the appearance completely, what this texture does is improve certain aspects

New Iron Golem Animations

New Iron Golem Animations This texture pack improves both the static and walking animations of the iron golem to give them a more detailed and more entertaining finish to see

Thirsty Addon [Thirst Bar And More!]

Thirsty Addon [Thirst Bar and More!] Do you need a new challenge to make your survival game funier? This addon is for you!It adds a thirst bar and water canteens