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Free Hand Torch 1.18 (Invisible Update)

Free Hand Torch V.2.0 DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE At last we can have the functionality of lighting with the left hand in Minecraft Bedrock for this we

Item Null

Item Null If you are looking for a way to filter out blocks/items like cobblestone or gravel while mining this addon is just for you! This addon adds an Item

Hammer Time Addon (Shovel Added)

Hammer Time Addon If any time you want an addon that have the same things of “Hammer time” Mod on JAVA, this addon is for you! We have two versions

Weapon Pedestal

Weapon Pedestal This addon was built to help people show their best weapons and tools to the friends. These Pedestals should be used as decorative blocks only! Works for survival

Skyrim Compass UI

Skyrim Compass UI New UI added to the main hud display for a compass bar to locate structures and mobs. and is now completely other addon friendly and multiplayer as


Mini Map Addon Hi hi, thanks for viewing my add-on. This add-on improves the minecraft map to a java-like map, with its limitations but very useful. I hope you like

Ruby Items Remake (1.17+)

Ruby Items Remake (1.17+) Hello Minecraft player, have you ever wondered why rubies were discarded from Minecraft? There is probably already an addon with the same theme better than mine,

More Tools Addon

More Tools Addon This addon brings 20+ armor type to your game, 20+ decorative blocks and 400+ new tools to play with. Feel free to enjoy these items in survival as you like. The goal of

Scanner Door

Scanner Door Addon This addon add a scanner door, addon useful for server and multiplayer, and the operation is very simple. First, you need two items: Scanner door and door,