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FPS Counter

FPS Counter Have you ever wanted to see your FPS? if so this pack is for you! with the ability to see your fps all the time without other programs

Wooden Benches (Beds)

Wooden Benches (Beds) All beds have been turned into benches. You can’t really sit on them (as you would on an ordinary bench) but you can lay on them (since they replace

Adventurous Hud v1 (Official Download)

Adventurous Hud v1 (Official Download) Have you ever wanted to change your Minecraft experience to a more adventurous and unique style well you should try my HUD that changes a

New Bows Addon V2

New Bows Addon V2 This addon is about new bows for your Minecraft Bedrock, in total it adds 9 different bows with useful and fun skills for survival, it also

Travelers BackPack

Travelers BackPack With this add-on installed we have the ability to create up to 20 backpacks, each with a unique design and different crafting. These Backpacks have the ability to

Craftable Nether Portal Designs

Craftable Nether Portal Designs (New Update) Bored of constructing the boring old nether portal designs and are upset of the long and boring nether portal tutorials, This addon is the

New Glowing Ore MCPE v2

New Glowing Ore MCPE v2 Are you having trouble finding ore in the dark? This Texture Pack will make it easier for you to find ore in a dark place, with

UNOFFICIAL Mowzie’s Mobs V1.5

UNOFFICIAL Mowzie’s Mobs V1.5 This is a Non Official version for Minecraft Bedrock Edition we are not the owners of Original Mowzie’s Mobs mod from Java Edition, we have all

Scanner Door (1.18 Update)

Scanner Door Addon This addon add a scanner door, addon useful for server and multiplayer, and the operation is very simple. First, you need two items: Scanner door and door,