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Mythological Creatures BETA

Mythological Creatures BETA This addon adds mythological creatures that added a little more variety to minecraft bedrock, these creatures appear in any biome. Spawn Rules:

Biplane PE Addon

Biplane PE Addon What’s going on everybody! did you know Biplane Mod in Java edition? Now the Bedrock version is released, yay. So one week

Granny Vehicles Addon

Granny Vehicles Addon This add-on adds all the vehicles from the granny horror game from chapters one and twogranny horror game is a game developed

Tameable Minecraft Wither Boss

Tameable Minecraft Wither Boss Wither is one of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft, in fact sometimes it is unstoppable. But what if you can

More Body Actions

More Body Actions Have you ever wanted to sit down, lie down or crawl? With this addon, you can do it without any commands, right

Slime Sling Addon

Slime Sling Addon I made this addon just for fun. This is addon is similar to the mod item from java the Slime Sling. This

Block Drop Randomizer

Block Drop Randomizer Block Drop Randomizer Addon makes your world a bit more difficult. It will be perfect for Minecraft players who are tired of