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Roast Your Mobs

Roast Your Mobs Roast your Mobs adds a roaster that allows you to roast your animals over the fire, roasting them will give you more cooked meat and is fun

New Shields (1.18 Update)

New Shields Addon Finally we have the better shields addon for Minecraft Bedrock, this addon add 4 new shields of different materials (iron, gold, diamond, obsidian) all of this works

Java Combat Addon By Raiyon (Update)

Java Combat Have you ever wanted to bring your Bedrock experience closer to Java? Well, this is the right addon for you, currently being the most faithful addon to Java

Biological Optimization

Biological Optimization Do you find MC’s default creature animations too monotonous? Please click in to see this addons.It optimizes the animation of creatures to make your game experience better.Come in

Emoji Chat Addon

Emoji Chat Addon [WIP] Emoji Chat is an addon that lets you express the way you feel through emojis. With over 40 emoticons at your disposal, you can virtually smile

Minimap (Link issue resolved)

Mini Map Addon Hi hi, thanks for viewing my add-on. This add-on improves the minecraft map to a java-like map, with its limitations but very useful. I hope you like

3d Trident

3d Trident Hey! The 3d Trident texture pack is intended for the bedrick edition of minecraft. The texture pack changes the trident to a more improved and beautiful 3d model

Detailed Bed Texture

Detailed Bed Texture Want to make your bed look more comfortable? Or don’t like vanilla beds? This Addon has replaced the model of the original bed, making them look more modern