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Roast Your Mobs

Roast Your Mobs Roast your Mobs adds a roaster that allows you to roast your animals over the fire, roasting them will give you more cooked meat and is fun

Sorting Wand (Chest Sorter)

Sorting Wand (Chest Sorter) Are your chests messy and never bothered to organize them because it is too much of a task? Are you looking for an easy way to

Optifine Zoom

Optifine Zoom Do you want to zoom in on something like all of those popular youtubers? Well have I got an addon for you! Now, with this addon you can

Levels Storage (Fixes and Optimization)

Levels Storage(Fixes and Optimization) Do you always want a way to store your levels for use later? Always dying and you want to save your levels? This addon just adds

HSPE Shaders

HSPE Shaders HSPE Shaders are probabiliy one of the most of the most similar Java Shaders, but they are very heavy, I recommend you to use this shaders only in

FPS Counter

FPS Counter Have you ever wanted to see your FPS? if so this pack is for you! with the ability to see your fps all the time without other programs

Emotes Addon

Emotes Addon Hi, welcome to this post, I’m Halo333 and today I’m introducing you to our emote addon. This addon was created by me and by Dexten Mods.This addon adds

Throwable Torches

Throwable Torches Do you want to quickly place torches down to light up dark areas? Have you always wondered what its like to throw torches to place it? This addon

Free Hand Torch 1.18 (Invisible Update)

Free Hand Torch V.2.0 DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE At last we can have the functionality of lighting with the left hand in Minecraft Bedrock for this we