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Ores Plus

Ores Plus v.5.4

Ores Plus Addon is an expansion for the mines, with new minerals, new tools and new armor! Also adding the elemental armor !, armor for each area of ​​the game but can you get all the gems and get the elemental armor?

Explore the mines again finding the new minerals! Create new tools and armor and explore the world to find the elemental gems!.

Pickaxes Custom!

New custom pickaxe! With these picks you can chop the addon minerals

The pickaxes are:

  • Netherite pickaxe
  • Iron pickaxe
  • Diamond pickaxe

Alexandrite tools, sword and armor!

The protection and durability is quite great almost like an elemental but without effects 😀

wither shard!

With this object you can make a wither sword!

These fragments are obtained by killing the wither boss!

The infernal sword can be made with a wither sword and an infernal gem!

Steel Armor!

Steel armor is twice as durable as netherite!

but its protection is as small as that of iron..

Rose Gold!

Rose gold armor has the durability of diamond armor and its protection is almost identical.

Pyrite Armor!

This is one of my favorite armor from the addon! it has the durability of netherite and its protection is triple that of a diamond!

Ruby Armor!

This armor is not a big deal but, you cannot say that its color is not beautiful.

It has the durability and protection of an iron one!

Emerald Armor!

At last this mineral receives armor and tools!

It has the durability and protection of an iron one!

Elemental Armors!

These armors are the most powerful of the Add-On!

Therefore, it has triple the durability of a netherite armor and quadruple protection than a diamond one!

except white … it’s just a holder for the gems :P.

These gems are found in treasure chests, lower fortresses, and End citys.

Rose Quartz!

Decorative blocks!

New Ores!

New minerals! These will be between layer 0 and 64! more info below:

Rose Quartz:

This mineral will be found between layer 0 to 64!.

Copper Ore:

This mineral will be found between layer 0 to 54!.

Silver Ore:

This mineral is between layer 0 to 54

Ruby Ore:

This mineral is between layer 0 to 32!.

Tungsten Ore:

This mineral is between layer 0 to 13!.

White Diamond Ore:

This mineral is between layer 0 to 13!.

In snowy peaks biome it will appear in layer 0 to 21 and will be much more frequent.

New Blocks!

These blocks are made with their respective minerals.

Any bug or suggestion can be uploaded to the official discord of Ores Plus Add-On. Enter my discord by pressing here: https://discord.gg/mK87z48yW8

How Is It Installed?

  1. Download the file from the bottom. After you have downloaded files, tap on each one and it will automatically take you to your Minecraft, it will import the file into your game.
  2. Then go to the world where you are going to use the downloaded addon: Edit the world> resource packs> (Activate the resource pack) and finally: Edit the world> behavior packs> (Activate the behavior pack)

Requires Experiments

Compatible Versions

  • 1.16.100 or higher
  • 1.16 BETA
  • Doesn´t works on another version


Download Addon

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G Max Omar

Cómo lo puedo descargar




Ay en donde dice download


Ay en donde dice download

The player one 1

La verdad es que este addon no tiene casi ningun problema (aclaro este no es un comentario critico es para decir los errores que tiene)
1.no hay oro rosa :v
2.solo puedo craftear 2 armaduras (la de rubi y la de diamante blanco)
3.la armadura infernal,del end,desertica,pirita (creo que asi es su nombre) y acuatica no las puedo craftear y no se encuentran sus ores aun asi creo que es un buen addon


como le hiciste para que te funcionara bien? a mi me aparecen los objetos invisibles


A mi ta

xXEl proXx

Si ami tambien me pasa lo mismo y tambien creeo que es un buen mod


me apararecen los objetos invisibles:(


A mi me salen los objetos invisibles, saben como se soluciona?


aiuda pq no se ven D:


tnes q poner el mod arriba


o se descarga


Como lo descargoooooooo