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Golems Addon

Golems Addon

When playing MINECRAFT haven’t you ever wondered why there are only iron golems with so many minerals in the game? You haven’t wanted to protect your house from hostile mobs but you don’t have enough iron? Or on the other hand, wouldn’t you like a diamond golem to take care of the Wither for you? Well then if so … this is your addon.

This addon presents various crafts necessary to be able to generate the different golems that will accompany you in your battles.

As a first addition we can find jack o´ lanterns of all the types of torch that exist in the game (including one that contains all three at the same time), since it does not make much sense that there was only one type, this being the pumpkin that contains the main torch.
These jack o´ lanterns will be essential for crafting the summoners of the golems of different materials.

Features to take into account:
– The jack o´ lanterns that this addon adds will always have the main face facing South.
– If you want to use them as decoration, you must be very careful and place them in the final place, since it usually happens that when they are removed they will not dope the block.

Its crafts are:

With the jack o´ lanterns in the inventory, you can proceed to add the other tools necessary to craft the summoners of the golems.

As you will see there is a great variety of golems of different minerals, which will be explained in detail later.
To generate these mobs you just have to press and hold on the block in which you want to generate it (on mobile devices) or right click on the ground (PC). This instant summon is ideal for leading an army of golems into a major battle and spawning them all in under 1 minute.

Here’s an example video:https://youtube.com/embed//RxnKh7Id9Gw

Now, the main attraction of the addon: the golems.

The golems that this addon adds to MINECRAFT are 7:

Coppergolem: It is the smallest of all. All his stats are below the golems of other materials (except probably the snow golem). It does not have much attack value and dies relatively easily, but being “the cheapest” at the time of crafting it, it is possible to create a large army of these small creatures with relative ease, with which no hostile mob will want to get involved. He only attacks dead nos and can be linked with a rope due to his small size.

Goldgolem: Although it has higher overall proportions than coppergolem, it is still smaller and weaker than irongolem, which gives it advantages and disadvantages when compared to it. It is very fast and agile, however it also has low health and does not have a great attack damage value. Although gold is more difficult to obtain than iron in the overworld, this golem is worth crafting, as in certain types of situations it is sure to stand out.

Enchanted irongolem: As its name implies, it is the same irongolem but enchanted (yes, like when you enchant armor). With this we can say that it has the same characteristics and properties of the irongolem but with notably higher statistics (except for movement speed, it remains the same). An improvement over its predecessor is that it has the ability to float on water and will not sink. Any enchanted book and an irongolem generator will be used to create your enchanted irongolem generator, as long as the items are placed on the crafting table in the order shown above, since placing them on an anvil will not result in the desired result (it will also not work if you use a table enchantment). It is well necessary to know that if it comes across some type of crystal it will break, since it will not resist the enchanted aura of the golem. He will be the perfect match for the Warden, as he is approachable but powerful.

Diamondgolem: A titanic beast, a destroyer among destroyers. Like everything that has to do with the diamond, it is extremely powerful and coveted. Although crafting is a bit expensive and difficult to achieve, it is totally worth watching it take down an orde of zombies or fight the Wither. Although it is much stronger and more resistant than the irongolem as it is larger than this, this makes it slower and more difficult to drive or move. Being so big and tough, it will knock down any tree that comes its way, as well as any kind of glass if it is used to enclose it. It must be taken into account that it cannot be generated in small places due to its large proportions.

Netheritegolem: It is an eyesore. It is the strongest golem and the biggest mob of all. And this is seen with the naked eye: IT IS HUGE !!! There is no need to explain it much, as it is a deadly weapon. It has all the characteristics of the diamondgolem but much higher, however, unlike this, it has slightly greater speed of movement thanks to its physiognomy similar to that of a gorilla. In addition to all this, it is resistant to fire and allows you to mount it, this in order to cross small rivers of lava on it and to protect you from large groups of hostile mobs that want to attack you. Destroy the same blocks as the diamondgolem, but also any type of wooden fence, so it will not be possible to enclose it with these. It has a health bar just like the bosses, due to its resistance and attack, although in the first instance it will not attack you, but if you hit it do not doubt that it will kill you. On the other hand, if he dies, he will leave behind a good amount of experience, so it will not be entirely a waste of materials.

Soulsandgolem: It is the counterpart of the snowgolem but it is more resistant, faster and deadly than this. As its name implies it is made of soulsand, although ironically it cannot be generated in the Nether. It contributes with snow so that you can attack the blazes, and, like these, attack hostile mobs with small fireballs, making it an excellent turret to defend your base. Along with snowgolem and coppergolem, it is in the category of “the weakest” but also the most reliable and economical.

As you can see, the addon provides a variety of golems to make your MINECRAFT world more secure, and although the content referring to golems (which I know is the most interesting) reaches this point, the addon also has a small surprise bonus, which will also slightly improve your gaming experience:
New epic paintings that replace the typical and boring ones found in the game, and while this has nothing to do with golems, it is an improvement that I know you will enjoy.

How Is It Installed?

  1. Download the file from the bottom. After you have downloaded files, tap on each one and it will automatically take you to your Minecraft, it will import the file into your game.
  2. Then go to the world where you are going to use the downloaded addon: Edit the world> resource packs> (Activate the resource pack) and finally: Edit the world> behavior packs> (Activate the behavior pack)


v.1.0 (Recommended) GOLEMS-ADDON.mcaddon (560 downloads )
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