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Combat+ | 1.20

Combat+ | 1.20

Do you know the “Toolbelt mod” which is in minecraft java? that’s really cool isn’t it?

This resource pack is inspired by the Toolbelt mod, which will later give the player a belt, sword on the side of the player, bow, quiver, shield behind the player, etc. The method is the same as my previous texture pack,  Adventure Plus, which will display additional accessories to players.

Put the following items so that this resource pack can work!

  1. Sword (will display the sword on the right side of the player)
  2. Trident (player’s back)
  3. Shield (player’s back)
  4. Arrow = Quiver (player’s back)
  5. Pickaxe & Axe (will display the bow/crossbow on the left side of the player)
  6. Totem of Undying (will appear on the front belt)
  7. Throwable items (will appear on the front belt)
  8. Bow & Crossbow


Put some items below in the hotbar, then these items will become cool accessories.


  • New belt model
  • Fix some bugs


Throwable Items

The shield on the player’s back is very cool, right?

Bow & Crossbow

New Updates

  • New subpacks for belt & no belt version
  • No belt
  • With belt

What you cant do :

  • Steal or take code and use it in ANY pack or addon
  • Modify the pack for PUBLIC use.
  • Promote any alternative links to the download.

If there are suggestions, questions, and bugs, please comment below.

If you are content creator, please use MCPEDL or Planet Minecraft link if you wanna share it, do not relink or use direct download to mediafire! do not upload on another website or application without my permission.

This is not addon this is just a texture replacement, means you can set it global resources and play it on server as well and don’t need to turn on experimental.You can modified this pack for yourself only.

My Discord : FieryAbyss17#8178

How Is It Installed?

  1. Download the file from the bottom. After you have downloaded files, tap on each one and it will automatically take you to your Minecraft, it will import the file into your game.
  2. Then go to the world where you are going to use the downloaded addon: Edit the world> resource packs> (Activate the resource pack) and finally: Edit the world> behavior packs> (Activate the behavior pack)


v.5.0 (Recommended)combatplus.mcpack
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