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Chococraft Bedrock

Chococraft Bedrock

This mod adds a rideable creature called a Chocobo to the game, this includes different colors, stats, and attributes.

The most basic type can be found in the wild and can be tamed by feeding them with Gysahl Greens which is a plant you can (also) find in the wild, and can be grown by farming with Gysahl Seeds. Gysahl Seeds can be received by crafting from Gysahl Greens or by harvesting already planted Gysahl Greens.

You can use a lovely gysahl to get Chocobos to breed and procreate, this will get them to lay an egg which must be put into a nest and (The egg can come out of a different color than that of the parents) a Chicobo will hatch. The Chicobo, the juvenile form of a Chocobo, will grow into a Chocobo.That you can tame like any other.

This addon is its official launch since there will be no more updates ;P

How to tame wild chocobos?

As already mentioned with a fruit called gysahl green that will be found throughout the world scattered

How to make the mount?

The chocobo mount is used to control the chocobo and mounting it is created with the following crafting

like a horse you open the inventory and put it in the first box on the left side

How do I get the skills?

The fruits for the skills will be obtained from the wandering merchant

How do i give them the skills?

After taking it with the fruits of the skills if you are in windows 10 right click and if you are on a cell phone just leave it pressed, ¡Warning!

The skills cannot be put on if you have already put the chocobo pack on it, you have to take it off and you can put it on

How do I put the backpack?

Crafting it on the crafting table with the following recipe

After crafting you just right click if you are on windows 10 or leave it pressed if you are on a cell phone

How to put the pack?

The cap is put on when the chocho has the backpack it is put on by opening the inventory of the chocobo and putting it in the first box on the left as if it were a mount, now how is it crafted? with this simple recipe

How to tame golden chocobo?

The golden chocobo is not tamear the way any other chocobo is tame this chocobo is a bit special and the fruit with which to tame it is obtained from the wandering merchant and is called Gysahl Green Golden

How to use diving and flying skills?

The one for flying can be used after giving the dead pepper looking up riding the chocobo, the one for diving you have to give the aqua berry and enter the water and it will give you aquatic breath and to exit it would be looking up and that’s it


How Is It Installed?

  1. Download the file from the bottom. After you have downloaded files, tap on each one and it will automatically take you to your Minecraft, it will import the file into your game.
  2. Then go to the world where you are going to use the downloaded addon: Edit the world> resource packs> (Activate the resource pack) and finally: Edit the world> behavior packs> (Activate the behavior pack)



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El addon es muy bueno pero tiene uno bugs, como que no le puedo dar las frutas a mi chocobo y tampoco le puedo poner el paquete ni la mochila, ademas deberían añadir una animación al volar por que creo que no la hay ya quitando eso de lado es muy bonito el addon me encantaría que lo sigan actualizando 😀


Concuerdo bro, al menos que se siga actualizando hasta que ya no tenga ningún bug 😀

Cat 097

the addon is good but I have some bugs for example chocobos do not appear gynsel does not appear I would like them to fix it


Mi chocobo deja de aprender cosas como si no le hubiera dado las frutas cada vez que salgo de mi partida,alguna ayuda?


Hola Este Mod sirve para la 1.17.41?


Como consigo los demas colores de chocobos solo aparecen los amarillos


Hay un problema con el mod, es que cuando creas el mundo se empieza a generas muchos gizals(no se como se escribe) y hace que todo el mapa se buge