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Buffed Iron Golem

Buffed Iron Golem

How does it work?

Like its title, this add-on perfected the Minecraft Iron Golem, it adds various features to the golem, from its model to its capabilities. New animations, various attacks, special armor and armor, items that can be obtained and crafted, etc. And the best part about this addon is that you can tame, ride and fight together with this upgraded golem. This plugin is for Minecraft BETA 1.16+, and it may work on older versions of the game as well.

How to get a polished iron golem?

In creative mode, you can easily spawn a tamed BIG using your own spawn egg, as usual you can find it in the nature tab where other spawn eggs are located.

While in survival mode, since BIG does not spawn naturally, the only way you can make it BIG is by splashing an Iron Golem with Strength Potion of any duration, and then you can now give it a Poppy Buff (click right if ‘you are on PC and press and hold that you are playing the mobile version of the game), after offering it, the transformation will begin, wait 10 seconds and the default Iron Golem will become Boss Buffed Iron Golem and obviously has a Boss name shown on the screen, you need to defeat this boss to make him become tamed, the same BIG that you can get in creative mode as mentioned above, after defeating, he will offer you a Poppy Buff, and after obtaining it, he will stay standing and the given item can now be used to tame the Golem.

Splash Iron Golem with a potion of strength

Buff Iron Golem with Poppy Buff

Prepare to fight the Boss-Enhanced Iron Golem

After defeating, it will give you a Poppy Buff.

Now you can tame it with Poppy Buff

  • You can also summon BIG through command you’re neither in creative mode nor in survival mode (if cheating is allowed).

Polished Iron Golem Features:

It is a custom entity and no default mob was replaced in this plugin.

It has a custom spawn egg-It can be summoned by a command-Slapped model-200Hp-When it attacks, it suddenly deals 11 damage before making its ground strike attack and also slows its target for 5 seconds-It has 3 Attack Types: Ground Pound – Smash the ground and knock down nearby entities dealing 11 dmg. and inflicts weakness for 10 seconds,

Iron Spike Summon: Summons an iron spike in the shape of a circle or line and inflicts 6 dmg. per tick and inflicts slow on contact for 10 seconds),

Iron Block Throw: Obviously throws an iron block at its target, dealing 11 damage. and inflicts blind on hit for 10 seconds)

-50% less lava damage-No fall damage-Immune to fire-Cannot be knocked down-Cannot be damaged by its type or family type-Nameable-Never Despawn-Tameable (with Poppy Buff)

Once domesticated:

-The vines all over his body will disappear and his eyes will turn brown -He will have 350hp-Can be ridden but cannot be controlled until you put on his custom saddle-Can be cured with Iron Soul (50hp) and Poppy Buff (250hp) – It follows you-Attacks any entity attacked by its owner and any mafia that hurts its owner-Can sit and stand like a wolf (on mobile, sneak around so that the text button “sit” and “stand” appears and, in the PC, just sneak out and right-click the Golem) -And it can be saddled, put on the chest and clamped in armor: It can be saddled with the new custom item “Iron Golem Saddle Throne” by placing this Object in the Golem’s saddle slot, once saddled, can now be controlled when mounted and can also do a power jump like a horse, but can jump drastically higher. about 4 to 5 times higher.

Similar to a Llama, right click on a chest on the golem while on PC or long press the chest on the Golem on mobile device, and after that, the Golem can now be stored with you or whatever item you have 12 spaces for elements.

Place the “Iron Golem Body Spike” in its horse-like armor slot, the Golem will now have a massive 1,500 hp, note that placing this armor on the Golem while it is wounded or not at its full default health will only grant a maximum 1,500 hp and retain its current health, which means it is best to put on the armor while the golem is at full health or no damage, for example, if it is armored while it has 349/350 hp, the golem will have 349/1 500 hp and it will be necessary to be cured with Iron Soul or Poppy Buff; otherwise, putting the armor at full 350 / 350hp default health, the golem will also have a full 1,500 / 1,500 health immediately.

Chest, saddled and bound in armor

Characteristics of the Boss Enhanced Iron Golem (also has the same abilities as the normal BIG excluding.

– Has massive 1300 hp
– No custom spawn egg
– Not tammeable

Objects and other things

All of the following custom items, weapons and armor can be obtained from the creative inventory in the Nature tab, keep that item corresponding to the item you want to get and tapping or clicking anywhere will immediately get the item.
Get the personalized item you want

Hold the item giver and tap it anywhere like a spawning egg

Once done you will get the specific custom item


Iron soul

Always drops an Iron Golem and its enhanced version upon death.
  • Can be crafted with other items to get most of the add-on items, accessories, weapons, and armor.

Poppy Buff

  • Made with 1 Poppy and 4 Iron Souls – Upgraded version of Poppy Flower that can be offered to an Iron Golem by turning it into a Boss Enhanced Iron Golem, and will return to you after defeating this Boss Golem – and as mentioned above, this is the flower and the only item used to tame the Polished Iron Golem.

Iron Golem Body Tip

  • Made with 1 Iron Soul and 4 Iron Blocks – This is an armor accessory for the Polished Iron Golem.

Iron Golem Saddle Throne

  • Made with 1 Saddle, 2 Iron Souls and 2 Iron Blocks-Polished Iron Golem Saddle.

Shock Orb

Drop by Boss Buffed Iron Golem if it is killed by the player or their pet while performing its Ground Pound Attack.
1 of the four elements required to create the “Riemer”.

Iron Tip Fragment

  • Drop by Boss Buffed Iron Golem if it is killed by the player or their pet while performing his Iron Spike Summon Attack. -1 of the four elements necessary to create the “Riemer”.

Stacked iron blocks

  • Drop by Boss Buffed Iron Golem if he is killed by the player or their pet while performing his Iron Block Throw Attack.
  • 1 of the four elements required to create the “Riemer”.



-Made with 1 Shock Orb, 1 Iron Tip Shard, 1 Stacked Iron Blocks, and 2 Iron Ingots

-Repairable by combining with 4 iron ingots on the crafting table

-Deals 11 base damage to the target, inflicting slow effect.

-It has the same durability as the Netherite Sword and only loses its durability when performing basic attacks with this weapon (Ground Pound, Iron Spike Summon and Iron Block Throw do not affect its durability, therefore it has an infinite use when performing those 3 types of attacks as long as you have Riemer broken or not).

-Allows you to perform the 3 types of BIG attack:

Ground pound attack

Simply hold Riemer and attack or tap on any entity anywhere or on any block to activate Ground Pound which immediately knocks down nearby entities around you, inflicting a weakness effect for 10 seconds.

Invocation of Iron Point

–Again, just hold Riemer, Sneak, and then attack or tap anywhere to immediately summon 10 Iron Spikes in a line in front of you that damages entities in contact with the 4 dmg spike. per tick that inflicts weakness effect for 10 seconds.

Iron block throw

  • Hold and right click for PC and hold on mobile and an iron block will be thrown at you, it will inflict a blind effect on the target you hit for 10 seconds.



-Made with 5 iron blocks and 1 poppy upgrade

-Once equipped (while holding Riegale, right-click on the PC or press and hold the item on the mobile), you will have 50 health, no fall damage, shock resistance, immunity to fire and also 50 % less lava damage.

-It has infinite use

-You can disarm Riegale in the same way by removing a normal armor.


  • Tamed BIG cannot harm other tamed mobs in the game (cat, donkey, horse, llama, mule, ocelot, parrot, skeleton horse, and wolf) by any means of its 3 attack types. But he can damage any entity that its owner attacks with his basic attack (his attack which is mentioned above and is the one taken before performing the pound attack).
  • Tamed BIG is invincible while sitting – Iron Golem now always drops 1 Iron Soul upon death.
    Large drops guaranteed 1 Iron Soul, 1-3 Poppies, and 5-7 Iron Ingots – Player created Iron Golem will now be hostile when taunted (for fun trying to loot the Iron Soul)
  • Boss BIG drops loot varies in its state, if it is performing a Ground Pound attack, it will drop a “Shock Orb”, if it is Summoning Iron Spike, it will drop “Iron Spike Shard” and if you kill the golem while it is throwing an iron block, it will throw a “stacked iron blocks”, these are the 3 of the 4 elements that you needed to create the “Riemer”.
  • Boss BIG only drops his loot when the player or his pet kills him.
  • BIG doesn’t attack creepers like normal Wolf and Iron Golem.
  • While BIG is sitting, he is invincible and also stops attacking any monster or entity that he attacks.
  • The addon has a glitch where the tamed Polished Iron Golem in some biome or locations in the game suddenly dies for unknown reasons affecting its death animation, for that reason I made another version of the behavior file of the No Death Animation plugin for to temporarily fix the issue where Buffed Iron Golem dies randomly, I still put a download link for the behavior file with the Death animation for those who still wanted to see his Death Animation (although it has the same death animation with Boss Buffed Iron Golem -which does not have any problem in its death animation), for stability download the one that does not have death animation.
  • I’m not supposed to create armor or weapon within this plugin so I ended up creating other packs for those.

How is it installed?

  1. Download the file from the bottom.After you have downloaded the files, tap on each one and it will automatically take you to your Minecraft, it will import the file into your game.
  2. Then go to the world where you are going to use the downloaded addon: Edit the world> resource packs> (Activate the resource pack) and finally: Edit the world> behavior packs> (Activate the behavior pack)

Requires Experiments

Compatible Versions

  • 1.16.100 or higher
  • 1.16 BETA
  • Doesn´t works on another version

Download Addon (download both)

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